Gilbert Arenas Isn't Banned from the Orange County Fair

By Jason McIntyre
Gilbert Arenas Goes To Court For Gun Felony Charge
Gilbert Arenas Goes To Court For Gun Felony Charge / Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images

A snapshot of the media in 2015: Athlete (or in the case of Gilbert Arenas, former athlete) posts something on social media. Media jumps on it. The story trends on Facebook and Twitter. Everyone takes the social media post as fact … simply because.

Who cares if it’s actually true or not, you got the clicks, right?

In the case of Arenas … the story was too good to be true. Arenas didn’t actually get banned from the Orange County Fair for winning all the stuffed animals.

A rep for the Orange County Fair told KABC that Arenas isn’t banned. The fair has 15 basketball games, and the rule is that you can only win one prize per game per day, and Arenas reached that limit.

But it’s now a new day, so the former Washington Wizards star is more than welcome back. [via ABC News]

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