Giants' Stadium is Empty for Packers Game

Bobby Burack
New Orleans Saints v New York Giants
New Orleans Saints v New York Giants / Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Two of the NFL's most historic franchises square off this afternoon when the Green Bay Packers go toe-to-toe with the New York Giants. And it turns out the game might as well be played in a studio. If there was any question about how devoted Giants' fans are to their 2-9 team, there isn't anymore.

Sure, New York traffic can be horrendous, but it can' be that awful. Even if some fans show up late -- 50-50 if they do -- they can't save this turnout from being an embarrassment. Of course, the cold, rainy weather isn't helping, but come on.

This gets worse, too. According to reports, not only is there a plethora of empty seats, the seats that are actually being used are made up of Packers' fans. Oh, and they are booing both of the the home team's quarterbacks.

Sports media is filled with those who spin stories. However, this one cannot be spun. This is bad. So bad, the 4-7 Jets are now the undisputed Kings of New York.