Aggressive New Camera Angle Fries NFL Fans' Brains

Kyle Koster

The NFL is king and will continue to remain king unless something drastic happens but that doesn't mean they're not constantly tinkering and experimenting with ways to amplify the action. This year, like every other year, there have been some new and interesting camera angles aimed at bringing viewers closer to the action.

One was on display during today's Baltimore Ravens-New York Giants broadcast on CBS and it should have come with a warning for viewers that it could, potentially, induce motion sickness. There's your warning. Watch if you dare knowing that it exxxxxxtreme with six x's.

Some other sites with writers more interested in social media than myself have collected tweets bemoaning the trippy perspective. Perhaps you agree with the masses. Personally, I thought it was pretty exciting and being disoriented is par for the course when there's eight games going on at once and you're trying to follow them all.

So maybe the world isn't ready. When the time comes, though, a cannabis sponsor for this camera makes all the sense in the world. Perfect synergy there.