Giants Punt Somehow Goes Catastrophically Wrong

Liam McKeone
Giants-Eagles /

The New York Giants were struggling to get much going in the first half of Sunday's matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles. Big Blue fell into a quick 14-0 hole and were forced to punt yet again four minutes into the second quarter. That is when things went horribly wrong.

Punter Jamie Gillan lined up to receive the punt and all appeared normal. Then he actually caught the ball and somehow managed to mistime his kick, resulting in the ball hitting the ground before he got any foot on it. The kick went 15 yards.

A disaster the likes of which we rarely see out of the punt game. To make matters worse, the officials ruled that Gillan had fumbled the ball and then kicked it, which is illegal, and threw a flag to give the Eagles an extra 15 yards.

Jalen Hurts would hit AJ Brown deep on the next play to go up 21-0. An utter catastrophe.