New York Giants Players Are Now Giving Themselves Laps When They Screw Up

Ryan Phillips
Joe Judge at the NFL Combine - Day 2
Joe Judge at the NFL Combine - Day 2 / Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Joe Judge's tough practices might actually be paying off.

The first-year head coach of the New York Giants instituted rigorous, physical practices when he first arrived and that approach could be working. It's gotten to the point where Giants players are giving themselves laps when they screw up, even if the coaches miss the mistakes.

ESPN's Jeremy Fowler talked to tight end Evan Engram, who informed him of the phenomenon:

This is pretty shocking. Football players do not want to do additional work after practice, but this Giants team appears to be buying in to Judge's approach. Will it lead to wins? Who knows? But it's certainly a good sign for the 38-year-old head coach.

We wrote on Tuesday that the team really seems to like Judge. That seems even more evident after today's report.

The Giants have a long way to go until they're competitive. But the players appear to be in tune with the new coaching staff. The real turning point will be if Daniel Jones demands to get hit after practice one of these days.