Sorry Kids, Joe Judge Canceled Christmas

Stephen Douglas
Joe Judge just canceled Christmas.
Joe Judge just canceled Christmas. / Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Joe Judge is a no-nonsense football guy from the prestigious Bill Belichick coaching tree. Is the Belichick coaching tree a pine, fir or spruce? Judge will never tell because he's too focused on the Baltimore Ravens right now.

"With all due respect to Christmas, let's forget about Christmas for a little while and focus on the Ravens."

This is bad news for Judge's wife and four children. Planning for the Ravens will obviously leave Judge without much time to buy presents. And forget about those New Year's Eve plans because we've got the Cowboys.

No matter how the final two weeks of the regular season go, Judge and the Giants will be available to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day without distraction. With all due respect, the Giants aren't going to be playing by the middle of January.