San Francisco Giants Fans Down Bad After Carlos Correa Fiasco

Kyle Koster
Michael Reaves/GettyImages

Carlos Correa was all set to join the San Francisco Giants on a contract that would run through Marty McFly's grandkids' high school graduation ceremonies and then things hit a snag. When the smoke cleared, Correa was being introduced as the latest high-priced New York Mets' acquisition and Giants fans had no recourse but to call into local sports radio instead of going to therapy. And give credit where credit is due, they did not disappoint.

KNBR cobbled together a sizzle reel capturing the vibe shift and it's actually halfway decent. People made good points. Without losing their minds. The discourse was, dare we say, pretty reasonable. Not happy by any stretch of the imagination, but reasonable.

It's hard to feel too sorry for a franchise that has won three World Series crowns in the last 12 years and has the Golden State Warriors and San Francisco 49ers to soothe the burn, but it does suck to be a fan sometimes.