VIDEO: Kimberly Jones Calls Out Reporters for Doing Dave Gettleman's Bidding

Kyle Koster

The New York Giants are moving on from Pat Shurmur. Many believe they should also move on from Dave Gettleman. The current general manager has done a solid job of controlling the narrative and, as of now, it appears he'll survive Black Monday to generally manage into the future. This savviness has not gone unnoticed by the NFL Network's Kimberly Jones, who didn't mince words this morning on Good Morning Football.

Jones did not give names, which would have taken this from keeping it 100 to keeping it 1,000.

Doing someone's bidding sounds so nefarious. It could mean all sort of things, almost all of them bad. Planting stories and running a spin-zone is almost the best-case scenario.

There should be more of this shade thrown on air for pure entertainment purposes, though one can decide for themselves if NFL Media ever does the bidding of the NFL or if any reporter's hands are truly clean.