Giants Fans Join A's Fans For 'Sell the Team' Chant During Game


Oakland A's fans have been chanting "Sell The Team" all season and now they're getting help. The chant is aimed at owner John Fisher due to his heartless machinations to move the team to Las Vegas. On Tuesday night, the A's played the Giants in San Francisco, and both fan bases combined to get the chant going in the top of the fifth inning.

Check it out:

That's pretty amazing. The fact that fans across MLB are all disgusted by Fisher and commissioner Rob Manfred trying to move the A's to Vegas, is pretty incredible. Everyone seems to hate this move and even most people in Nevada seem against the movie.

Fisher is among the worst owners in sports and Nevada is essentially rewarding his bad behavior by handing him a stadium. It's absurd and has made MLB look terrible because they've rubber stamped his move.

It's really nice to see fans of other teams joining A's fans in protest.