Giannis Couldn't Help But Praise LeBron, KD and Jokic While Trash Talking on 'The Daily Show'

Stephen Douglas

Giannis Antetokounmpo appeared on The Daily Show on Monday night. The full appearance is worth your time as he discussed his foundation and family, tried some new foods, and for the specific purposes of this blog content, trash-talked some of the biggest stars in the NBA at the behest of host Hasan Minhaj.

Giannis was, of course, unable to trash talk Luka Doncic, NIkola Jokic, Kevin Durant or LeBron James convincingly. He either refused to read the lines or instead read part of them and immediately praised his rivals. He's just so damn good. It's sickening.

He just seems so grateful and appreciative of everything. The only thing that seems to bother him is not getting a free sandwich every now and then. Honestly, who wouldn't want to give this man a sandwich?