Watch the Moment Giannis Found Out the Nets Traded For James Harden

Giannis asking if trading for James Harden is legal.
Giannis asking if trading for James Harden is legal. / Leon Halip/Getty Images

The Brooklyn Nets landed James Harden in a blockbuster deal on Wednesday. The trade was announced while Giannis Antetokounmpo was at work and not on social media so a reporter broke the news to him during while he was taking questions from the press. Here is his masked reaction.

Giannis called it an amazing move that made Brooklyn "way better." He also said it was "tough" for the Bucks. He's right there. Twenty-four hours before this trade happened Brooklyn was 5-6 and one of their two stars was AWOL.

Over the last 48 hours they've won two games and acquired a perennial MVP candidate to pair with their other perennial MVP candidate. Still no word on that Kyrie guy, but the path out of the Eastern Conference just got much tougher. The Celtics and Sixers didn't blow up their teams and even the Pacers, who turned Victor Oladipo into Caris LeVert, are still going to be a very tough team in the playoffs.