What Does Giannis Antetokounmpo's Jersey in Madden Tell Us About His Future Team?

Kyle Koster
Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

Children are great but mine have essentially robbed me of any video-game-playing opportunities since the pandemic really kicked off. But from all that I've heard from the gamers out there — who, never forget, are the real heroes — the new Madden isn't all that great. A major complaint has been the unsatisfying Franchise mode.

EA Sports, clearly hearing this, has addressed a completely different problem. No longer will the public be denied the opportunity to play as the Antetokounmpo brothers.


Now, this is certainly not the biggest news going on right now. Even in sports. Even in make-believe sports. But there could be some major clues hiding in plain sight here. Giannis is definitely wearing Milwaukee Bucks colors in that uniform. In fact, it looks an awful lot like the Lakers threads Kostas is so familiar with?

Interesting. What do you guys think? Giannis to L.A. confirmed?

You know, living like this is actually pretty fun. I now see the appeal of tweeting like this, completely oblivious to the triviality and disconnection to reality. Looking forward to more empty and dumb clickbait in the future.