Ghost's Papa Emeritus IV Threw Out the First Pitch at a White Sox-Guardians Game

Stephen Douglas
Cleveland Guardians v Chicago White Sox
Cleveland Guardians v Chicago White Sox / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

Ghost played Peoria, Illinois, on Wednesday night and finish their North American tour in Green Bay on Friday night. Lead singer Papa Emeritus IV took advantage of a night off in between to throw out the first pitch before Thursday's game between the Chicago White Sox and Cleveland Guardians at Guarunteed Rate Field.

Papa, as he does, went all out for his appearance. He wore his usual white and black makeup along with a full uniform that included a personalized jersey. He wore batting gloves on both hands and even brought a bat out onto the field where he may have done the first bat flip ever on a MLB mound. He then threw out a pretty decent pitch considering he'a Swedish metal singer.

Imagine if Tony La Russa had been there to see this in person.

Let this be a message to all future first pitch throwers: wear stirrups and pull your pants up to your knees so you look like a real ballplayer. If it can help a Swedish death metal singer get the ball to the catcher then it will certainly help you.

The band's official account even tweeted a picture of Papa on a baseball card.

What a time to be a... nameless ghoul.