Get Up Roundtable Agrees: Kick Vontaze Burfict Out of the NFL Forever

Kyle Koster
Oakland Raiders v Indianapolis Colts
Oakland Raiders v Indianapolis Colts / Justin Casterline/Getty Images

Notorious cheap-shot artist Vontaze Burfict delivered one of his cheapest shots yet yesterday on Jack Doyle. The league has suspended the Oakland Raiders linebacker for the remainder of the season. Discussing the issue on this morning's Get Up, quorum agreed that a more severe penalty should be explored.

Mike Greenberg kicked things off, stating his case and correctly pointing out the real issue isn't if he, a blazer-wearing pundit, thinks Burfict has burned all his goodwill. The real issue is his fellow players believing the brutal hits Burfict is so intent on delivering have no place in the game and it'd be a safer place if he were out of it.

Pat McAfee, Dan Orlovsky, and Rex Ryan had no issue with this end-game.

Even the most blood-thirsty fan has to realize deep down that what Burfict is doing is so far afield from the spirit of competition that defending him will make a person look foolish. That said, it's pretty striking to see widespread consensus that a de facto death penalty for a player is warranted and should be explored.