VIDEO: Domonique Foxworth, Damien Woody, and Adam Schefter Get Into Feisty Dak Prescott Debate

Dallas Cowboys v New Orleans Saints
Dallas Cowboys v New Orleans Saints / Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Dak Prescott is inspiring some very heated debates this season. Today it was Damien Woody, Domonique Foxworth and Adam Schefter on Get Up, shouting about whether Prescott is good or just a game-manager.

Woody used his resume as a former NFL offensive lineman to bolster his case while Schefter and Foxworth pointed out that a single bad game doesn't mean a quarterback is bad.

This is especially funny considering Woody's former quarterback, Tom Brady, had an even worse game than Prescott did this weekend and only escaped with a QB WIN because of a great defense and a special teams touchdown. If Woody wants to talk about game managers, maybe somebody should remind him about the time Tom Brady completed 28 of 45 passes for 260 yards and one touchdown. Those are his combined statistics for the 2002 AFC Championship Game and Super Bowl XXXVI when Woody got his ring.