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'Get Up' Achieves Peak Football Debate During Aaron Rodgers Segment

Kyle Koster

ESPN called in all the big guns to be a part of this morning's Get Up. Championship Sunday requires a Championship Monday to go over all the news, notes, reaction, and commentary the masses need with their coffee and danishes.

Look no further than the appearance of a rare hectabox. Mike Greenberg was tasked with facilitating impassioned conversation between Domonique Foxworth, Ryan Clark, Adam Schefter, Dan Orlovsky and Pat McAfee, a project no amateur should ever take on without a spotter. And things got appropriately loud as McAfee and Orlovsky discussed Aaron Rodgers' uncertain future.

Usually when someone in a suit is yelling like that it's because some valet has scratched his Audi. Or has called a foot fault on their daughter during a tennis match. Or they are my boss.

As for the issue at hand, Rodgers has the type of talent that would turn any decent team into a Super Bowl competitor. Green Bay started this season by drafting his backup and ended it by taking the ball out of his hands. He's a man with options and motivations to see if the grass isn't greener in several different pastures.

It may be the prisoner of the moment inside typing this, but it sure seems like there's at least one foot mentally out the door already.