Gerrit Cole Plays for Scott Boras Now

Kyle Koster

Gerrit Cole was unbelievable in two years with the Houston Astros, going 35-10 in regular seasons and 6-2 in the playoffs. He transformed himself into one of, if not the best pitcher in the game and certainly did enough to lead the team to a World Series.

But Houston didn't win Game 7. Washington did. Cole warmed up in the bullpen but was never called upon. And really AJ Hinch's mistake was not who he brought in to face Howie Kendrick but that he brought someone in to do it.

Cole has long been expected to garner big bucks on the open market this offseason and the chances he'd remain with the Astros were always perceived as slim. They're probably none now.

Wearing a Scott Boras hat to face the media is a pretty big clue.

“I’m not an employee of the team,” Cole apparently told an Astros spokesperson before continuing to reporters, “I guess as a representative of myself ..."

Everyone moves on at their own pace. Some need a few weekend of movies and junk food to sooth the soul. Some just need a shower. Cole appears to be a person who won't be going back to the Houston scrapbook to revisit all the good times in a bout of sentimentality.