Georgia Tech Smashed a COVID Piñata to Celebrate a Road Victory

Stephen Douglas
Josh Pastner and a COVID ball.
Josh Pastner and a COVID ball. /

Josh Pastner is in his fifth year as head coach of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets men's basketball team. In the middle of his third season, a tradition was born when the team was stuck waiting for a plane after a win at Syracuse - they went to a gas station. Now whenever they win on the road they celebrate by going to a gas station to get a bunch of snacks. With the pandemic, they can't do that, so after they beat Nebraska in Lincoln on Wednesday night, the Jackets' coaching staff had to improvise.

I mean, that's a coronavirus pinata. They made a COVID-19 piñata. The combination of the piñata and the mask makes for another one of those things where you have to think about how you would explain this to someone in 2019. It's also a perfect example of... what are we even doing here?

Georgia Tech has 11 road games remaining on their schedule this season. We need to know if Pastner is having these made one at a time or if earlier this week there were a dozen basketball-sized COVID piñatas in a closet somewhere on campus. Is someone in the athletics department making them? A local party store?