Georgia Lineman Zach DeBell is a Strip Club Brawl Hero

Stephen Douglas

Zach DeBell is a 21-year old junior offensive tackle at the University of Georgia. He is also a strip club patron and a civic hero. As you’re about to learn, those titles are not mutually exclusive. DeBell was at Toppers International Showbar in Athens when a brawl broke out after a customer exposed himself to a dancer and refused to zip up. From the Athens Banner-Herald:

The brawl began after Kirkland allegedly exposed himself to a Toppers employee while she was dancing for him in a room at the club. The woman told police she asked Kirkland to zip himself up before leaving the room, but he was still exposed when she returned a few minutes later.

The dancer then alerted Kim and other employees, who attempted to remove Kirkland from the club, police said. While being ushered through the club, witnesses told police that Kirkland punched and elbowed Kim in the bar area.

According to the police report, DeBell carried the man outside by his belt and collar and “placed him on the sidewalk outside the front doorway.” DeBell hails from the great state of Florida, so it’s no surprise he knows how to react to a strip club brawl like a gentleman.

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[Athens Banner-Herald, Photo via USAT]