George Santos Compared Himself to Rosa Parks

If you call George Santos a liar, he will call you a sellout.


Congressman George Santos recently joined Mike Crispi on his Unafraid podcast, which airs on the Live From America TV Network. Santos, being interviewed from the inside of a vehicle, took the opportunity to call out rival Mitt Romney and compare himself to Rosa Parks.

"I'm going to call them out. You want to call me a liar? I'll call you a sellout. I mean, Mitt Romney, the man goes to the State of the Union of the United States wearing the Ukraine lapel pin, tells me, a Latino gay man, that I shouldn't be in the front, that I should be in the back. Well guess what? Rosa Parks didn't sit in the back, and neither am I going to sit in the back. That's just the reality of how it works."

It was a passionate little rant by Santos and Crispi really seemed to enjoy it. Especially when he realized Santos compared himself to Parks and knew that the clip had some viral potential. When you get up in the morning and put on a suit to do a podcast with a guy in a car, you really need to go viral to make it worth it.

Anyway, if Santos isn't the Rosa Parks of Congress(?) then he's definitely the Secretariat of fibs. Can you imagine Kevin McCarthy telling Secretariat not to run?