Geoff Duncan: Republicans Nominating Donald Trump Is a Lot Like Peeing Your Pants


CNN's Geoff Duncan had a really strange analogy for what a Donald Trump run for the White House would be like in 2024. Duncan, a Republican, is the former lieutenant governor of Georgia and he doesn't think his party should nominate Trump. And things got a little weird during his explanation of why.

Duncan said, for the GOP, nominating Trump would be, "a lot like peeing in your pants. It's going to feel good for a couple seconds, but when you wake up and you realize the realities of what you just did."


Check it out:

Just a hilarious analogy that you know he almost held back on unleashing before going into full "F*ck It" mode.

Duncan joined CNN in January after not running for re-election in 2022. He's been a long-time vocal Trump critic, so this isn't surprising. Though his choice of words certainly was.

I don't think people are truly prepared for how tremendously stupid the 2024 election cycle is going to be. Can't wait.