Geno Auriemma Snaps During Halftime Interview About Officiating

Ryan Phillips
Connecticut v Maryland
Connecticut v Maryland / G Fiume/GettyImages

UConn and Tennessee are two long-time powers in women's college basketball. In fact, you might say it became a bit of a rivalry over the years. So when Geno Auriemma takes his Huskies to Knoxville to face the Volunteers, emotions can run high. And on Thursday night, Auriemma had some serious issues with the officiating.

At hafltime, UConn led 40-36 but had led the Vols back into the game after being outscored 19-7 in the second quarter. A lot of those points came at the free throw line and Auriemma wasn't happy about it.

As he headed off the floor at the half, Auriemma gave an interview to ESPN's Holly Rowe in which she asked what UConn could do to prevent fouling and allowing free throws. Auriemma snapped.

Check it out:

Yeah he's not happy. I wouldn't be shocked if this winds up in a fine. UConn did manage to right the ship and led by 12 late in the third quarter.