Gen. Mark Milley Gives Shockingly Good Answer

Kyle Koster
Alex Wong/Getty Images

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Gen. Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff are testifying publicly today about some budgetary matters. The conversation at one point landed in the subjects of Critical Race Theory and wokeness as a pejorative. Milley asked to make some extended comments in the topic and ended up delivering what may be the first Congressional clip in years that hasn't caused us to recoil in expectant horror.

One of the reasons it stands out so much, from someone in that high of a position or otherwise, is the matter-of-fact, confident manner in which Milley simply suggests that a deeper understanding of issues might be advantageous for all involved. So many arguments are framed on parties coming to the table with ultimate confidence that they have all the information and that their sponges couldn't possibly soak up any more. This one comes directly on the heels of admission that he has more to learn and wants to keep learning.

Might be a lesson there. Or someone reading too much into two minutes of a procedural session.

For every thoughtful, nuanced and widely accessible argument like this, there are a hundred born out of pure passion and bad faith. So it's not like this is going to change a single mind. Still, it's nice to feel a brief but no less real connection with some fairly common sense every once in a rare while.