Gene Steratore Added to CBS' SEC Football Coverage

Kyle Koster

Gene Steratore proved to be a solid asset for CBS in his first year as a rules analyst and his role is now being expanded to include SEC football, Sean McManus announced today. He’ll continue in his same role for the network’s NFL and college basketball games.

Steratore was a collegiate football official for 15 years before getting the call up to the bigs in 2003. One of the more recognized faces in stripes, he was the official for Super Bowl LII, his last game before joining CBS.

He described his second chapter on television as “exciting, challenging and very refreshing,” in an interview with The Big Lead, and that was before he got a taste of those bazillion Super Bowl television eyeballs during the Patriots-Rams game.

Calls, no-calls, and general confusion over the rules have been exacerbated with the advent of super-slo motion replay and the importance of having a competent on-air talent on hand to make sense of things in layman’s terms for the viewer has become a necessity for broadcasts, not a luxury.

A nation now braces for even more Gene and awaits his first big moment where he gets to thrill one passionate SEC fan base and crush the hopes of another.