Gavin Newsom: California Could Allow Pro Sports in Early June

Ryan Phillips
California Governor Gavin Newsom
California Governor Gavin Newsom / Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

California governor Gavin Newsom surprised many on Monday when he said the state could allow professional sports to restart in early June. The games would have to come with no fans in the stands and certain modifications, but Newsom said if the state keeps making progress against COVID-19 that professional sports could happen quickly.

This is great news for pro sports as a whole and the potential for college sports in the fall. With many of California's schools opting to continue remote classes through the end of the year, many questioned whether or not college sports could happen. This certainly opens up that possibility.

There are five MLB teams in California, as well as four NBA teams, three NHL teams and three MLS teams, all of whom have had their seasons impacted by the shutdowns. There are also three NFL teams who will need to start their offseason programs at some point. This is good news for all of them.

The fact that Newsom -- whether you like him or not -- is open to fan-less sporting events soon, is great news.