Omar Vizquel Is a Way Better Baseball Player Than My Dad

Kyle Koster
Cleveland Indians v Detroit Tigers - Game One
Cleveland Indians v Detroit Tigers - Game One / Mark Cunningham/Getty Images

Like any good son, Gary Sheffield Jr. wants his father to earn induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame. The violently-swinging righty is on the ballot this year with a cadre of other impressive baseball men, including one Omar Vizquel.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and as such, some voters will vote for Sheffield and not Vizquel and vice versa. The younger Sheffield, a baller himself, has a problem with this and didn't stay silent.

Now, the debate over which player is more deserving of Cooperstown is best left unexplored. We all know that. Too many families have been torn apart doing that precise thing.

Both guys were just fantastic. Vizquel amassed 2,877 hits and was one of the greatest defensive shortstops of all time. Sheffield is among the top-100 career leaders in walks, OPS, slugging, RBIs, extra base hits, homers, total bases, etc. There's really no need to put one down to elevate the other.

One thing we can all agree on is that Vizquel -- and Sheffield for that matter -- are way better at baseball than my dad. Bruce Koster played some Little League as a child but never made varsity. As an adult he was extremely generous with his time and coached his sons' teams. The one above-average hardball skill he did possess is throwing batting practice, but even that isn't really anything.