Gary Payton II Finally Addresses Puking Incident From Game 4

Gary Payton II
Gary Payton II / Harry How/GettyImages

The Golden State Warriors staved off elimination by the Los Angeles Lakers on Wednesday evening. After the game, an intrepid reporter asked a crucial question of Gary Payton II. It was completely unrelated to his 13-point performance in Game 5, but it was still a question fans not just wanted but needed answered. 

Payton was asked about Game 4, when he sprinted off the floor in the middle of a Warriors possession after visibly throwing up in his mouth on the broadcast. He gave a great answer. 

At least he has a fun attitude about it. Not everyone would be able to laugh at themselves after nearly throwing up in front of an audience of millions in the middle of a playoff game. It is comically poor timing, after all.

Gary Payton II is officially the puke and rally king of the NBA. Have to say that we love to see it.