Gary Neville Blasts Premier League Teams Plan to Join European Super League

Gary Neville of Manchester United
Gary Neville of Manchester United / Getty Images/Getty Images

Gary Neville blasted the proposed European Super League on Sunday, saying the clubs involved had "no loyalty to this country and these leagues."

Neville went so far as to say that if the teams - including Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal - join this league they should be relegated.

Neville played his entire professional career with Manchester United.

According to The Times, Chelsea, Manchester City and Tottenham are the other Premier League teams who are reported to be considering the European Super League. According to ESPN, 20 total teams will be involved, including 15 who cannot be relegated.

VIA ESPN: A further five teams will be rotated in and out of the competition, based on performance, but the permanent members will include six Premier League clubs, three from La Liga, three from Italy's Serie A, two from the Bundesliga and one from France's Ligue 1.

JP Morgan will underwrite the league with a $6 billion investment. So it's tradition versus a lot of money. You can tell what side Neville is on.