Garrett Wilson Calls Out Refs Over Late Hit vs. Bills

Liam McKeone
Garrett Wilson
Garrett Wilson / Joshua Bessex/GettyImages

Garrett Wilson has not taken long to acclimate himself to NFL life and has quickly emerged as one of the league's premier young wideouts. However, Wilson and the rest of the New York Jets offense struggled mightily on Sunday against the Buffalo Bills. After they lost 20-12, Wilson jumped on Twitter on Monday morning to complain that he hasn't gotten a call all season and that the refs are more interested in letting him know that he's not in Kansas anymore.

He tweeted this out over a video showing Wilson getting obliterated while he was out of bounds, a penalty the officials seemed to miss.

This is one of those borderline calls that could go either way in theory but it's pretty surprising that a hit that violent and that late wasn't flagged.

However, putting referees at large on blast via social media is usually not the best way to get into their good graces. Especially when you're airing dirty laundry with that Ohio State comment. Wilson will be hard-pressed to find sympathy among Ohio State's many haters but the NFL will probably be looking into this.