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New Gardner Minshew Mullet Just Dropped

Stephen Douglas
Gardner Minshew and his hair. An iconic duo.
Gardner Minshew and his hair. An iconic duo. / Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

Gardner Minshew's new mullet just dropped and with it comes a brand new descriptor. According to Minshew's latest Instagram the "Dirty Diesel Drapery" is gone and has been replaced by the "Platinum Power Pelt." He has also added a largue Harley Davidson beltbuckle. Other decisive fashion choices have been made, including what looks like a golden eagle (Does he want a trade to Philly?) chain.

At the risk of sounding like someone with a syndicated radio show, is this really what we want our quarterback to be doing with his offseason? He is clearly spending a lot of time focused on his look. You don't see Tom Brady changing and refining the way he looks off the field. Tom Brady has only thought about football for the last two decades and look at how successful he's been. Do you think Brady could have won a Super Bowl if he was so worried about his appearance?

At what point does Minshew reach his final form? Or is this look just art that is never finished? There are only so many buttons on any shirt that can be unbuttoned at one time. It's a tough lesson, but one all quarterbacks must eventually learn.