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Gardner Minshew Chopped Off His Mullet

Ryan Phillips
Jacksonville Jaguars Off-Season Workout
Jacksonville Jaguars Off-Season Workout / James Gilbert/Getty Images

I know Gardner Minshew's life has changed dramatically this offseason but if you ask me, his latest move was far too rash. The Jacksonville Jaguars backup quarterback chopped off the mullet we had all come to know and love. And, frankly, it's an unforgivable sin.

Minshew announced that he'd "said goodbye to the Dirty Diesel Drapery" on Instagram and paid tribute to it with several photos:

Then the finished product was revealed to us and -- he doesn't look like Gardner Minshew anymore. He just looks like any other random dude:

I've now come to the conclusion that "Minshew Mania" wasn't the excitement surrounding his time starting for the Jaguars, it's the condition Gardner is currently suffering that led him to this decision.

The mullet had been around for a few months, but he chopped all the hair, which he's had since entering the NFL. Gardner, how could you?

Look man, I know the arrival of Trevor Lawrence and Urban Meyer-favorite Tim Tebow has to have you rattled, but you took away all of your power by cutting the hair. Shut out the lights, the party is over.