From Wine to Candles? GQ Interview Reveals LeBron's New Passion


This past December, LeBron James took the NBA and media world by storm when he entered Staples Center ahead of a Clippers-Lakers game holding a glass of wine.

It was a funny moment in which LeBron’s passion off the court met his profession. James is notorious for posting Instagram stories with a glass of wine in hand, and enjoys talking wine with his Banana Boat friends.

As one of the most captivating athletes in the world, almost any move that LeBron makes is newsworthy, whether it be a highlight or an off-handed quote. Even candles, it would seem. A recent GQ interview revealed the King’s passion for candles, and he apparently brings them on every road trip.

There you have it. The King has officially proclaimed that candles have a strong relationship with the energy of the universe.

Whether you believe him or not, candles appear to play a strong role in the success of one of the greatest athletes of all time. Perhaps we should all make for Yankee Candle ASAP.