Free Idea for ESPN: A Documentary on Bob Ley Cleaning Out His Office

Kyle Koster

Bob Ley is leaving ESPN after four decades. The tributes have been moving and ubiquitous. For all the pomp and circumstance and poetic words about chapters closing, there remains the brute and simple work of packing up an office and moving out. Life goes on and the details are sometimes mundane.

Except in Ley’s case, there exists a tremendous content mine. Look at this 21-year-old floppy disc he just found. What could be on it?

Imagine all the other treasures lost to time and clutter build-up that Ley is going to unearth. How many other forms of outdated technology will rear their heads and demand to be recognized and remembered?

ESPN certainly does not need my help coming up with ideas but that’s never stopped me before. Someone with a camera and a sense of storytelling needs to head down to The General’s digs and document the archeological dig taking place there.

As I typed this, another gem emerged.

Hurry! Get the people in place and get it done.