Freddie Kitchens Finds Rex Ryan's Baker Mayfield Commentary Asinine

Kyle Koster
Los Angeles Rams v Cleveland Browns
Los Angeles Rams v Cleveland Browns / Jason Miller/Getty Images

Rex Ryan woke up full of energy Monday morning and the opinions were flying around like loose electrons looking for a nucleus. He put on his best campaign button to become president of the Daniel Jones fan club and called Baker Mayfield a one-read quarterback who is overrated.

Freddie Kitchen, coach of the Cleveland Browns and 4th-and-9 draw enthusiast, was understandably displeased with the commentary and responded today.

"“I appreciate his opinion and all of that, but he’s not in our building and has no idea what we’re doing,’’ Kitchens said. “Is he a one-read quarterback? No, he’s not. That’s asinine to say.’’"

This is what a good coach does. He has his players' backs, even when the punditry have some decent points. It is very important to be loyal and combat the noise coming from outside the building.

Mayfield's real problem this year has been that the offensive line has forced him to be a one-read quarterback. The protection has not been secure enough to allow him to scan the field. Sunday night was the perfect example of the tall challenge Mayfield is facing and, to be fair, his inability to overcome the obstacles.

If nothing else, Kitchens has increased the chance that Mayfield will come to his defense when the complaints about his coaching get louder and more emboldened. The NFL values self-preservation on par with almost all else.