Freddie Kitchens is Joining the New York Giants' Really Weird Coaching Staff

Ryan Phillips
Freddie Kitchens, Cleveland Browns
Freddie Kitchens, Cleveland Browns / Bobby Ellis/Getty Images

Freddie Kitchens is about to be employed by an NFL team again. The former Cleveland Browns head coach is set to be hired by the New York Giants in an unknown role. Kitchens will join Jason Garrett as a pair of wildly disappointing head coaches who will help fill out Joe Judge's coaching staff.

Kitchens led the Browns to a 6-10 record in 2019 and appeared in over his head all season long. Garrett led a loaded Cowboys roster to an 8-8 record in 2019. And those are the guys the guys Judge has chosen to surround himself with.

Judge and Kitchens coached at Mississippi State together in 2005, so presumably he has faith in the former Browns coach. Kitchens will likely be an offensive assistant under Garrett, who will be the offensive coordinator.

The Giants have made some really weird decisions this offseason. They hired Judge as their head coach despite the 38-year-old not having a ton of experience. He's been with the Patriots since 2012, mostly working on special teams. Garrett, Kitchens and Bret Bielema are all set to be on staff which is ... kind of crazy.

Maybe this will all work out, but for now this coaching staff looks like an island of misfit toys.