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Fred VanVleet Dropping Kids With Crossovers is the Funniest Basketball Video of the Summer

Stephen Douglas

Fred VanVleet, like many players, hosts an annual summer basketball camp in his hometown of Rockville, Illinois. Footage has emerged showing the Toronto Raptors guard scrimmaging against some young campers. VanVleet takes no prisoners but snatches plenty of ankles and it's honestly hilarious.

VanVleet left a trail of bodies that would make John Wick jealous. The fact that one kid got dropped at least three times while the camera was rolling shows an incredible competitiveness. Fred VanVleet knocks you down, you get right back up and get knocked down all over again like a pro.

There's not much better than seeing a little kid harmlessly fall to the ground while trying to stay in front of a professional basketball player. Especially when the crowd reacts like the player dropped an All-NBA defender in an And-1 video.

NBA players, make this a trend. We need a laugh.