Franmil Reyes Hit a Ball Halfway to Lake Erie

Kyle Koster
Emilee Chinn/Getty Images

Cleveland Indians slugger Franmil Reyes does not so much swing a bat as much as he violently wields a weapon of mass destruction. He may not be the most prolific or reliable home run hitter in Major League Baseball, but he may have the most pure power. Most of his round-trippers remain in the sky long enough to meet FAA requirements for an in-flight meal. They delight the good people at StatCast who still get a special rush when typing in absurd numbers.

Reyes was up to no good during today's matinee against St. Louis. Upon stepping into the batter's box in the second inning, he blasted a tape-measure shot to left field that found its way out of Progressive Field.

Officially, this traveled 446 feet. The naked eye puts it close to 500 feet.

Some lucky soul wandering the streets, perhaps upset they were already late to the game, likely stumbled on a precious souvenir. One never knows how the ball will find you.