Triumphant Frank Kaminsky Chugs Beer, Suns Fans Go Wild

Kyle Koster

Phoenix Suns forward Frank Kaminsky did not play in the Western Conference Finals but did a tremendous job clapping as Chris Paul cemented his legacy as an all-time great or Devin Booker hit yet another dagger off the dribble. The sixth-year man out of Wisconsin has appeared in six games this postseason, averaging a shade over six minutes and providing all the intangibles needed for a team trying to shock the world with an NBA title.

Now, what do I mean by all the intangibles? Simple. Every roster, regardless of the sport, needs a role player who understands their role. Especially as it pertains to being the party animal after an enormous win.

Kaminsky was more than up to the job late last night as the Suns returned home from eliminating the Clippers, experiencing the greatest joy known outside of becoming a parent: chugging a beer in the parking lot while a bunch of rowdy dudes cheer.

Elite form. The dramatic send-off, in which he banished the empty can to Flagstaff, was a well-received dramatic touch.

Kaminsky's Suns now wait the winner of the Milwaukee Bucks-Atlanta Hawks series for the chance to win four games and host a victory parade long enough to chug dozens of beers. The stakes simply could not be higher.