Frank Gore Will Have to Play Another Season Since the Jets Are Going 0-16

Stephen Douglas
Frank Gore
Frank Gore / Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

Frank Gore had 15 carries for 61 yards on Sunday and scored his first touchdown of the season. Of course, the Jets also lost their 10th game of the season as they inch dangerously closer to 0-16. If the Jets lose out, which seems like a real possibility right now, Frank Gore might be forced to return for a 17th season. Via ESPN:

""I can't go out like that. "Hopefully, we can get one. And I can't wait until we get it. I'll be so happy. If it is my last year, I can't say I'm going out 0-16.""

Again, 0-16 looks fairly likely. Their next five games are against teams that will probably make the playoffs and then they finish the season at New Englad where they have not won since January 16, 2011. They haven't beaten the Patriots at Foxboro in the regular season since 2008. So, yeah, the Jets are not going to win a game this season.

So what does Gore do? If he can't go out 0-16, he'll have to play again in 2021. The question is, will he have to play for the Jets again? What other franchise would want a 38-year-old running back? Then again, what team wouldn't want their leading rusher to return? I guess the real question is how long will Gore have to wait for one more win.