Frank Caliendo Does a Spot-On Bill Walton Impression in Front of Bill Walton

Bill Walton and Dave Pasch calling Kentucky vs. Utah
Bill Walton and Dave Pasch calling Kentucky vs. Utah / Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Frank Caliendo is a master or impressions, but more than that he's a master of sports broadcasting impressions. Thursday night he broke out his version of Bill Walton ... and he did it in front of Bill Walton.

Caliendo was a guest on ESPN's broadcast of the Arizona State - Oregon game Thursday night. He was on the air with Walton and Dave Pasch and started doing his Walton impression. It was fantastic.

Check this out:

That's pretty spot-on. It's not his best impression but it's a really good one, and Walton rolled with it. He seemed to really enjoy hearing two of himself.

Pasch teased the appearance earlier in the day:

I know a lot of people aren't fans of Walton's broadcasting style, so they probably hated Caliendo creating a second version of it.