Fran McCaffrey Stares Down Referee After Receiving Technical Foul

Liam McKeone
Fran McCaffrey
Fran McCaffrey /

Fran McCaffrey has had an eventful year at Iowa and in particular seems to attract bizarre technical foul situations. These situations are often of his own making, to be sure, but it is a little weird how many Fran McCaffrey-technical foul stories have emerged this season.

Anyway, as you probably guessed by this point McCaffrey had another weird technical foul situation this afternoon against Michigan State. McCaffrey got hit with a technical down big late in the game and was so displeased that he spent most of a timeout just... staring at the offending referee.

The awkwardness was palpable even through the television screen.

Love the ref not backing down there. He even moved closer as McCaffrey did. Good on him.

Whatever McCaffrey was trying to accomplish he did manage to galvanize his team as Iowa made an insane comeback and forced the Spartans to overtime, where they would emerge victorious.