Fox Sports' New Touchdown Graphic Is Large, In Charge

Kyle Koster

Fox Sports introduced a snazzy new scorebug for Super Bowl LIV. The reviews that I've seen have been largely positive. It's clean, center-cut, and keeps the viewer informed with up-the-second stats.

There's also a new touchdown graphic in town and it's tough not to notice. When Patrick Mahomes found the end zone on an option play, they displayed a cartoonish version of the quarterback and announced the score with 96-point font.

When San Francisco's Kyle Juszczyk hauled in a touchdown pass, he got the name treatment but there was no artist's rendering. He was an unlikely visitor to paydirt, of course.

Football is supposed to be fun. If you can't make enormous, in-your-face designs for the Super Bowl, why even have graphic design as a passion?