FOX Sports: Clay Travis Hasn't Worked Here In Months

Stephen Douglas

Clay Travis went on CNN and said an outrageous thing on Friday. Flabbergasted host Brooke Baldwin called him out for being outrageous and ended his segment. Since Travis was identified during the segment as being from “FOX Sports Radio,” everyone assumes Travis is a FOX Sports personality, but that’s not technically true. When asked for comment on Travis’ outrageous comments, FOX had this to say:

Travis hosts a show on FOX Sports Radio, but FOX Sports only syndicates his outrageous-ness. Various publications covering the outrageous comments also identified him as “FOX Sports Clay Travis.”

Part of the confusion might be that Travis has often appeared on cable news in front of a giant FOX Sports banner over the last six months since he stopped working at FOX Sports. Here’s video of him on FOX News and CNN last month. (Feel free to just take my word for it.) You can understand the confusion.

Disclosure: The Big Lead’s editor in chief Jason McIntyre is an on-air personality for FS1.