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Fox Shows Patrick Mahomes Picking Up Trash, Proving He is a Great Guy

Kyle Koster
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Patrick Mahomes piloted the Kansas City Chiefs to 14 wins in 15 starts and as a result gets to watch Chad Henne from the comfort of the sideline today. But that doesn't mean he's not contributing at an elite level.

in fact, the reigning Super Bowl MVP made a late play to improve his case for the regular season version by engaging in environmentally conscious behavior. Fox cut to footage of Mahomes picking up a piece of trash pregame and properly depositing it in a trash receptacle. Which is a nice little nugget and harmless vignette.

See? Nice. His mom will be proud.

Sadly, some people simply cannot abide positivity and personal responsibility.

Anyway. I don't think it's controversial at all to say that Mahomes doing a little non-required cleanup proves once and for all that he is a great person of the highest character. No need to see anything more.