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Richard Fowler Moved to Tears While Speaking About Kamala Harris on Fox News

Kyle Koster

It's an emotional day in myriad ways for millions of Americans who are fractured but still part of a larger collective. There's been joy and anger. Relief and panic. Disappointment and pride. It is very human to have one of those emotions arise without warning and finding a way to explain their genesis is not easy from the comfort of home, let alone live on national television.

Richard Fowler, a Fox News contributor, was noticeably moved at the sight of Kamala Harris assuming the role of vice president this afternoon, explaining that it made him think of his grandmother and mom, both of Jamaican descent, and the younger generations who feel more represented today by their government.

Inauguration Days are often the most optimistic days and surely that sense of hope will dull as the hours pass. But seeing real human moments like this, explained in clear terms and experienced without shame, is essential to understanding why people have their passions. When they can happen on a network that differs ideologically, it can often be the only time the so-called "other side" gets to see how their political foes feel.

Perhaps more of this and less manufactured combat to *win* the argument would be more productive, even in small doses.