Fox News: Pfizer Vaccine Approved in 'Record Time,' 'Was it Rushed?' Also, 'What Took So Long?'

Stephen Douglas
Fox News asking the tough questions.
Fox News asking the tough questions. /

The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine (which will be marketed as Comirnaty) was granted full approval by the Food and Drug Administration today. It was the first vaccine to earn the distinction and an inevitable, but still important step in the fight against the pandemic and the surrounding misinformation. Right after the approval was officially announced, FOX News presented the news to its audience by asking was it rushed? And then literally within the same exact minute of airtime, what took so long?

Dana Perino is the host asking Admiral Brett Giroir if the decision was rushed, as the FDA apparently approved the vaccine in "record time." Here's what Giroir had to say about the news.

"Piror to this we had emergency use authorization. What that really meant is that the public health benefits outweighed the known and potential harms. What this says today is we know the benefits. We know the harms. And this vaccine is safe and effective and every confidence can be given to that. Americans should feel very good. Even better than they did yesterday about getting the vaccine."

Before Giroir could even finish his sentence, host Bill Hemmer immediately jumped in to ask, "Yeah, what took so long?" This was less than a minute after Perino asked if the FDA had rushed.