Fox News Found Some Kid Rock Fans Who Refuse to Drink Bud Light

Even if you can buy it at his restaurant.


What kind of beer are Kid Rock fans going to drink on the 4th of July? If that's the kind of question you've been asking yourself as America's birthday approaches, Fox News has you covered. They sent a digital team to the Kid Rock merch line ahead of his July 1 show in Nashville and found a bunch of people willing to say they would be drinking anything but Bud Light.

What an incredible cast of characters. From a 9-11 polo to a Let's Go Brandon t-shirt, you can tell freedom is a top priority to these patriots. Even if it means violating the flag code for a gaudy hat or two. It's hard to say what's most surprising -- that they found a couple people who didn't care about the Bud Light story or that one guy drinks Firestone Walker, which is brewed in a blue state.

Knowing that Kid Rock fans by and large are drinking anything but Bud Light this holiday, it's unclear why Kid Rock's Honky Tonk and Steakhouse still features Bud Light on the beer menu. Not to mention Budweiser, Busch Light, and Michelob Ultra which are all AB InBev products. Perhaps they're just waiting for new menus to be printed. Which just goes to show that no matter how strong your convictions, even the American Badass is at the mercy of the local print shop.