Fox News' Bill Hemmer Wonders if They'll Cancel Bible Characters Next

Kyle Koster

Conversation on Fox News' America's Newsroom this afternoon drifted toward the city of Chicago's decision to review 41 of its monuments, something that's happening all over the country as local governments reconsider which historical figures to celebrate and which may not be worth celebrating.

It's a discussion that's happening at kitchen tables from Savannah to Portland. Perhaps because this is just what the news is now, no matter what else is going on. The old axiom of "if it bleeds it leads" deserved to be retired but that it's been replaced with with whatever gets people the most riled up hardly seems great either.

The full conversation reflected some worthwhile viewpoints, so it's not as though the entire thing was made out of the same DNA as Bill Hemmer's concluding remarks, which were: "If they start canceling these American presidents, they're going to come after Bible characters next, mark my words."

There's plenty to unpack there. It's probably best for me to keep my most sincere, personal thoughts about it under wraps. Though, in many decades of church-going, this is my first time ever hearing the phrase "Bible characters." Not a good or bad thing. Just a different thing to get used to.

But plenty of people have shared their responses online, where the segment is reaching all sorts of audiences. Many are sharing the same one-word impression given by Dana Perino.

Wow, indeed.