Fox News Cuts Away From Kayleigh McEnany Press Conference

Ryan Phillips
Kayleigh McEnany and Neil Cavuto on Fox News
Kayleigh McEnany and Neil Cavuto on Fox News /

Fox News has seemingly had it with Donald Trump and his cohorts and has had no problem showing it over the past week. That continued on Monday as the network cut away from a Kayleigh McEnany press conference and essentially said it couldn't continue showing it in good conscience.

McEnany opened her presser making wild claims about "the Democrat party" and voter fraud. She claimed the Democrats were welcoming fraud and welcoming illegal voting without anything to back up the statements. As she continued tossing around unfounded accusations, Fox host Neil Cavuto cut in and claimed unless she had facts to offer up, he couldn't keep showing it.

Video is below:

Of course Cavuto is correct here. A news organization shouldn't be showing wild accusations like this unless the people leveling them are willing to offer up proof. As we've seen over the weekend, it appears this is all just noise. If Trump's surrogates had substantive proof of election fixing we'd have seen it already and the courts wouldn't be smacking down their legal challenges.

We'll see how this all plays out, but when even Fox News is turning on Trump & Co. you know it's bad news for them.