FOX Anchor Julie Banderas Says Chrissy Teigen Is 'Not That Hot'

Liam McKeone
FOX News
FOX News /

Chrissy Teigen was trending yesterday after she penned an extensive apology on Medium for things she said on Twitter earlier in the decade. It is the second time in the last few months she has done so.

FOX News decided to discuss that matter today on Outnumbered in relation to "cancel culture," due to the fact that Teigen cancelled a planned role in a Netflix show after taking heat for her past comments. During the segment, anchor Julie Banderas declared she was "going to play mean girl for a second" and commented on Teigen's appearance and attractiveness, calling Teigen "not that hot."

It is unclear why Banderas felt the need to criticize Teigen's appearance or decisions on plastic surgery. It has nothing to do at all with the topic this group is supposed to be providing commentary on.

A very strange decision by the FOX News anchor, and one that Teigen and her husband John Legend may take issue with.